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Just Ski is a challenging, minimalist, physics driven game that will frustrate and punish you in the beginning but reward you with the feeling of mastery in the end.

The Controls

The controls for Just Ski are borrowed from an old, abandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator. 

Your only control over the skier is to move your mouse down to make him crouch or up to make him extend. It's a very simple to understand mechanic but requires a healthy amount of practice to master. 

The key to success with Just Ski is learning to control your rotation while in the air.  It's all about gaining a feel for the conservation of angular momentum:  crouch to spin faster, extend to spin slower.


Your Goal

Just ski to the cabin.

Learning Curve

Like learning to ride a bike, Just Ski is going to feel clunky and impossible in the beginning, but once mastered will feel smooth and rewarding with just the right amount of challenge to keep things interesting.

-Have fun and thanks for playing!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Version 1.0.2

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Timestamped video for my overview of Just Ski:

Great work! This is a solid and minimalistic nod to Ski Stunt Simulator. Fans of that game should absolutely pick this up and give it a try.

I was a bit disappointed that the controls were simplified to only up and down motion. Is there any chance we could get an option to enable the more free-form motion of Ski Stunt Simulator?


Thanks for the feedback, travm.

I'll think about doing a release that has full range of motion but I'm currently working on my new game so no guarantees. :-)