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Prefer to try the browser version? - https://jeffweber.itch.io/just-flip-demo-web

NOTE: This demo is a small taste of the game to come.  Please enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below or with the in-game feedback form.

Hey everyone, my name is Jeff Weber. I've been making physics games in my spare time for over 10 years. Just Flip is my latest and greatest!

Like all my physics games, it gets to the point quick with minimal fluff and nonsense.

Launch yourself, parkour style, over a single massive mountain (Note: this demo is just a small portion of the full mountain) full of steep cliffs, ski slopes, and interesting obstacles. Flip, Ski, Fall down, rage, get up, keep flipping!

The controls in Just Flip are simple in concept, but require some practice to get a feel for the inertia of the flip. The launch and flip mechanic has been honed, tweaked, and iterated-on for over a year to make it smooth and satisfying.
Just pull down and back sling-shot style anywhere on the screen and release to launch. Once in the air, mouse down to crouch or release to extend. Stick the landing and repeat.

Inspired by the world of 'Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy', Just Flip consists of a single large continuous mountain of stuff to flip and ski over. You will not be artificially teleported back to the start if you fail to stick a landing, you will simply get back up and keep flipping. Of course, if you fail to stick the landing in the wrong place, gravity might have a say in where you end up.

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Updated 19 days ago
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Difficult, indie, Parkour, Physics, Psychological Horror, skiing, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSteam, Twitter, YouTube, Homepage

Install instructions

Play from the Itch.io App (preferred) or Unzip and run the .exe


If you download directly (outside the app) from Itch in the browser, then Unzip and run the .exe you may get a Windows 10 Security message. If so you will have to choose "More Info" and "Run Anyway".


JustFlipDemo.zip 28 MB

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With the understanding this is a small, vertical slice of what the full game will be, you've NAILED controls. Every mistake I made felt like it was my fault -- and not the games.

Really excited (and afraid) to see what this game becomes. I've wishlisted and look forward to future builds/early access.

Thanks Jordan. Appreciate the vid!

New Release (0.5.5) out now.

  • Made it less annoying when you fail the 1st skiing section.
  • Made is so the little guy auto-stands up, don't need to hold mouse button.
  • Fixed bug where guy freezes.
  • Other tweaks and minor bug fixes.

crazely fun 
best annoying moment i'v suffered in 2020 

Thanks for posting the video.  Much appreciated.

This demo was great! Really fun to play with, looking forward to the full release. I made a little video on this, I hope that's ok :)

Cool. Thanks for doing the vid... for this and Just Ski!  Been working hard on updates since this demo.


Really fun and challenging! Can't wait for the full game to come out :D


Thanks for playing and posting a vid! Much appreciated.

I like it conceptually, but ragdolling is kinda the antithesis of Getting Over It. The whole point was that it's your fault when you fail, but here, even standing back up can push you off a cliff. Maybe add walking so that you can position yourself with more precision?


Hey psychroclasm.

Just wanted to say thanks for the feedback and thanks for the vid.  I have not watched much of the video yet as I'm at my day job. I will be watching it over lunch.

I agree the gameplay mechanic is not very "Getting Over It".  When I make the comparison I'm more talking about the large world that you need to traverse and the fact that there are no spawn points or level resets.  That is the part of GOI that inspired 'Just Flip'

I've gotten a lot of great feedback on the demo and have a list of things to implement to hopefully reduce some of the un-necessarily annoying things about the game.

Thanks again for playing and providing feedback.  Good luck with your streaming. From the few seconds I've watched so far you have a very engaging personality. 


this looks so cool.  mad props for that flip-layout-just-in-time physics engine.  seems like so much fun!

Thanks! :-)